Thu 22 Feb 2024, 20:00 – D!ma Loginov Five/Seven Elements


22 February 2024
Starts: 20:00
Deur Open: 19:30

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D!ma Loginov five/seven elements, is an international band based in Amsterdam.

The group has its roots in the black American groove tradition with danceable grooves, harmony and melody comes from classical and folk music and tight musicianship as its highest priority.

They expand on this tradition by having improvisation and more modern jazz concepts interwoven into what they play.

Alongside Dima's compositions, the band features songs from Kazakhstan. Dima reflects on his upbringing in rustic Almaty, where music held a significant place. As a child, he wasn't enthusiastic about practicing classical piano, often taking breaks to compose spontaneously. This project is his joyful expression of composing music, a personal journey rooted in the rustic landscapes of Almaty.