Mon 19 Jun 2023, 20:00 – Dominga Tango (AR) – Live Concert & Salon DJ


19 June 2023
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Lo Que Vendrá (A. Piazzolla) – Dominga Tango – YouTube

Dominga Tango is a tango duet created in 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, composed by  Ana Micozzi in piano and Ilein Bermudez in violoncello . Given its atypical formation in the genre they make their own non traditional arrangements searching for a distinctive style and a very original sound.

The repertory includes new and traditional Argentine tangos. They play several new  tangos of female composers with the intention of disseminating and promoting their work within a genre that has been historically established mostly by male musicians.

On this occasion, they will be releasing their 3rd  European Tour and they will be performing  in several cities in Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary and Germany.

CD  “Chapa y Pintura”