Ma 30 Sept, 20:00 – The Eva Stories presents Reaping what you sow


30 September
Aanvang 20:00
Doors: 19:30
At the door: €10,00

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How would be the world if women had told their own stories?

We don’t know, right? Because it didn’t happen like that.

Because stories that weren’t told in the past, or told from a different perspective from the ones who lived them, have shaped the societies we live in. And we are living a great time of transition, questioning taboos, creating new roles. If change is what we want, we got to tell new stories.

At “The Eva Stories” we invite storytellers to review the eternal male x female duality in a series full of tales, music, and performances towards understanding, integration and transformation.

“Reaping what you sow” is the premiére of a series of eight Mondays.
We hope to see you there!