Do 13, Sept 20:30 “Songs of Resistance”, by Almudena Rubio & Davide Cristiani


13 September
Start: 20:30
Door open: 20:00
At the door: €12,50

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Almudena Rubio: An Amsterdam based singer, she has been based in the city for six years. She comes from a neighborhood in the south of Madrid, but it’s when she arrived to this city that she start singing. Her two EPs, released on her bandcamp with free download, and her repertoire for live shows revolve around singer-songwriter Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio, whom she greatly admires. In her concerts, accompanied by guitarist Davide Cristiani from Bologna, popular music is melted together with songs of resistance.

In Munganga, for the first time, they present their set live accompanied by electric guitar and different sounds and distortions.

More info:

Almudena Rubio, Vocalista procedente de un barrio del sur de Madrid, afincada en Amsterdam desde hace seis años. Es al llegar a esta ciudad cuando comienza a cantar en público. Sus dos EPs, y su repertorio en los directos, giran en torno a la figura de Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio, a quien admira. En sus conciertos, siempre acompañada por el guitarrista boloñes Davide Cristiani, se funden diferentes géneros de la música popular con la canción de resistencia.