Casa Tango ma 27 mrt 20:30 Milonga with live music" by Finisterre Tango


27 maart 2017
Aanvang 20.30 uur
Deur open 20:00
Finisterre Tango from Buenos Aires
First time in Amsterdam!

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Finisterre Tango is an ensemble that has undergone an extraordinary development over the past five years and it’s a guest in the most important stages and milongas of the city of Buenos Aires. The quintet with the singer has meanwhile also undertaken international tours and was able to present his music in many countries of the American and the European continent.

The first album of the ensemble is still mainly dedicated to traditional tango. Now is a second album with only new compositions in work.

Finisterre Tango was formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the middle of 2011. With a great number of musicians graduated from the School of Popular Music of Avellaneda (EMPA) the group is in full production of its second record material.

From its origins, Finisterre has understood the Tango as a genre for dance being in turn a music with all the elements and exponents to enjoy in concert. In this line it has formed a vast repertoire that allows Finisterre to be inserted both in big stages and festivals, or to be at the same time the musical host of a milonga.

A concise group sound thought from the present, accompanied by a careful visual work, compose a fresh and tango show in a direction opposite to nostalgia but respectful of historical stylistic gestures.

By its characteristics Finisterre has been presented in most of the Milongas Porteñas, and in the totality of the Tango Festivals by Barrios. He has taken his music to the most important concert halls of the Tango in the city of Buenos Aires, playing in the Centro Cultural San Martín, in the Amphitheater of Centennial Park. In the theaters Verdi, Orlando Goñi, CAFF, C.C Cooperation, Tasso and in the House of the Bicentennial among others. In 2013 he was selected by the Cycle of Notable Bars. That same year it records its first disc in ION, mythical studio of Buenos Aires, initiating the presentation of the same in different spaces. During January of 2014 Finisterre realizes its first tour by Uruguay, performing functions in different cities, being part of the main stage of ‘Jazz a la Calle’.

He has participated in the audiovisual production “Pichuco”, a documentary about the work of Troilo pre-premiered at BAFICI 2014, officially released in several countries simultaneously on July 11, 2014, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Aníbal Troilo (http: / Producer Puente Films. Finisterre Tango has been the arranger and interpreter of the music of the short film “I am Buenos Aires”, by the Producer Calixta (

In 2015 Finisterre won the Urban Studio “Disco Project”. At the moment it is in the production of a disc in its totality of own tangos both sung and instrumental, being part of the great tanguero movement of the XXI century that places to the composition like fundamental task for the development of the sort.