Casa Workshop zo 28 May 14:00 Tenda presents "Dance the Trinity of Wisdom"- by Claudia Kratzheller

Sunday 28th May
From 2pm till 4pm
Price: € 15,00
The workshop will be held in English.

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What is the “Trinity of Wisdom” ?
Claudia Kratzheller: “I call it the continuing balance of guts, heart and head…

During the workshop we’ll take time to connect to each of the energy centers by clear and easy exercises o explore this three centers in a playful yet deep way.

  1. Pelvis:
    Sexuality, Grounding, Earth, Instinct, Fertility, Safety
  2. Heart:
    Love, Sharing, Compassion, being with unconditionally
  3. Head:
    Planning, Intellect, Strategy, Linear actions, Cognitive knowledge

We give room to notice the strength of each, realize your habits (natural habitat) and also that there is fluidity and choice. We’ll learn about the role of the energy centers in the nervous system and touch on the empowering work of the breath.

We’ll make connections to our different roles as women in daily life and how the awareness of the “Trinity” can support us and each other every moment.

We’ll work from the inside out, going in to reach out and come into movement together, each of you and together as a group!

I invite You on a journey to celebrate this wisdom inside of us .when we dance these three energy centers naturally get moved and move us!
All women are welcome!

Exploring with the i-crown is part of the session. Crowns will be provided.

We are an international group of women, based in Amsterdam, that gather together to support and empower each other. Our members’ ages range from 26 to 62 and we have different cultural, professional, political, and religious backgrounds. We believe these differences are a source of richness, tolerance and empowerment.

Women’s Empowerment Series
While the existing group is not in search of expanding membership, we feel compelled to share our experiences with other women. We have therefore created the Women’s Empowerment Series, organising talks, meetings and workshops with professional speakers to explore all aspects of the feminine with you. Our goal is to provide a valuable experience to any interested woman.