Casa Workshop ma 01 mei 20:00 "Music in the indigenous universe"- Researching and Practicing bij Magda Pucci


Monday 01 mei
8 pm.
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Workshop: “Music in the indigenous universe”
Researching and practicing
Magda Pucci (São Paulo – Brasil)

Through practice, the objective of this workshop is stimulating reflection on the great cultural diversity of Brazil and to demystify the idea that indigenous songs are all the same. Activities such as singing in different indigenous languages, getting in touch with mythological contents, listening to the sound of certain instruments, perceiving the way the music is inserted in every day’s life are part of the activities to be developed in this workshop.

Magda Pucci began her research about indigenous music since 2005, when she did her master in Anthropology after being invited by anthropologist Betty Mindlin to work through the sound archives of Paiter Surui from Rondônia. With her group Mawaca, she developed a project called ‘Rupestres Sonoros’ connecting indigenous songs with the rupestrian art from two important archeological Brazilian sites. She went to Amazonia with Mawaca´s group to perform with different indigenous musicians in 2010. She is being developing projects with indigenous groups as Paiter Surui, Ikolen-Gavião, Comunidade Bayaroá and Huni Kuin. She released the book for children about indigenous sons called ‘A Floresta Canta: A sound expedition for indigenous lands in Brazil’ in 2015 and she is preparing to publish the book for teacher ‘Cantos da Floresta’. Magda also is coordinator of Estúdio Mawaca, space based in São Paulo that sings in more than 20 languages and has been performing in different countries.

Magda Pucci is a Brazilian musician, singer, arranger, composer and researcher of various peoples’ music. She has graduated in Conducting (ECA- USP), and had done her Master in Anthropology (PUC- São Paulo) and she is currently taking her PhD in Performance and Creative Arts at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Her subject is about indigenous exchanges between indigenous and non-indigenous musicians.

She is musical director of the band Mawaca, in which she developed extensive multicultural repertoire connected to performance. The group has released seven CDs, four DVDs and two books and has been performing in various countries. Magda was host and producer of the radio show ‘Planeta Som’ for 13 years broadcasted at Radio USP and Multikulti in Germany and Sweden. She is author of five books and coordinates music education, world music and Brazilian indigenous music workshops.