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30 juni 2017
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Sexteto Visceral

Sexteto Visceral (spanish ‘impetuous’) has very quickly made a name for itself in Buenos Aires thanks to its independent and unique style. With “Milonga de mis Amores” the musicians present a CD, which is “symbol of a trend of the Argentine music scene. Young musicians, highly skilled and virtuosos on their instruments, interpret the styles of old masters anew. The pianist Francisco Ferrero and the other five band members know how to write arrangements that require a lot of musical talent and delicacy but also leave freedom for improvisation. Exactly this distinguishes a note based tango from a passion oriented one.”

The band of 7, founded in 2011, with their lead singer known for his artistic and insightful interpretations, Hernán Fernández, are rooted in the traditional rhythms of tango representing Buenos Aires‘ culture and most emblematic music, yet consider contemporary musical language for vital to both perpetuate this centuries-old tradition of their homeland and give new impulses to the genre. Thus there is a reflection of today’s trends and constructs from the musical and artistic scene in their arrangements and own compositions.

The orchestra considers itself a team in which each of its musicians can and should contribute new, innovative and personal works. Sexteto Visceral performs with six typical tango instruments, but differs from traditional orchestras in that each instrument is only represented once. The musicians thereby consciously place the focus on the individual personality of each individual and his or her instrument. This creative freedom – and responsibility – is enjoyed by each musician and gives them more space for conceiving new arrangements and original compositions.

With countless shows in the Milongas and Theatres of Buenos Aires, two performances at the Gran Milonga Nacional, numerous shows throughout all of Argentina and thier first Europena tour in 2015 the musicians have quickly built-up devoted followers.
“We are still receiving comments from the participants about how much they enjoyed this year’s live music. They emphasize the energetic interpretations of D’Arienzos and Puglieses, the fact that the orchestra plays in different styles, which makes the whole experience varied and more interesting. Some are saying that Visceral is their new favorite orchestra!“
Julieta Pineda, Edinburgh International Tango Festival


2017 Milonga de mis amores
2014 Champagne Tango
2013 Mordiendo el suelo

Sexteto Visceral live

Champagne Tango http://bit.ly/Visceral_ChampagneTango
Mordiendo el Suelo http://bit.ly/Visceral_MordiendoElSuelo

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Youtube: http://bit.ly/Visceral_Playlist

Francisco Ferrero
, Piano
He started his piano studies in the city of Córdoba with different teachers such as Lidia Mazzieri and Hermes Bálsamo. In 2005 he entered Félix T. Garzón Music Conservatory and studied with Jorge Romero and Victoria Azurmendi. At the same time he attended National University of Córdoba and got a degree as a Musical Composition Professor in 2010 and the University’s Award to academic merit.

In 2011 he moved to Buenos Aires to study Tango and Folklore in “Escuela de Música Popular e Avellaneda” with teachers such as Julián Peralta, Adriana Leguizamón and Juancho Farías Gómez. Meanwhile he continued his piano studies with Nicolás Ledesma and Lilián Saba. That same year he entered Emilio Balcarce Tango School Orchestra conducted by Victor Lavallén. He graduated in 2012 after the recording of the album “Mistonguero”. In 2010 he was part of “Las Luces” Tango Threesome as pianist and music arranger. He has been the Sexteto’s pianist and musical director since 2011.

Nicolás Maceratesi, Bandoneón
He started his musical studies in 2003 with Leonardo Álvarez, a guitar and musical theory teacher. In 2004 he entered the “Conservatorio Juan Manuel de Falla” where he studied bandoneon until 2006. In 2007 he started studying bandoneon with Marcos Madrigal. Afterwards he received a scholarship to study Harmony and Musical History at the Tango National Academy with José Luis Motta.

In 2008 he became a member of the Alberto Di Paulo Orchestra, the De Angelis Sextet and the tango show presented in “Confitería La Ideal”. In 2011 he entered Emilio Balcarce Tango School Orchestra conducted by Victor Lavallén. He graduated in 2012 with the recording of the album “Mistonguero”. That same year he started playing at the Sexteto Visceral.
He was member of the company “Tango: viaje al sentimiento” wiht which he toured throughout Brazil. He was also a member of the tango company “Araca Tango”, Buenos Aires. In 2012 he became bandoneonist and arrangeur of the “Trío Revirado” and played with the Oscar Kraimer Quintet. That same year he toured throughout Italy with “Tango Macho” by the Hermanos Macana’s company.
In 2013 he was invited to become part of “Maturana”, a rock band that was nominated for the “Premios Gardel”. He also plays in the group “Marcapiel” and is part of Amelita Baltar’s quintet. Furthermore, he toured Australia as soloist and musical director of the company “Tango y nada más”.

Mauro Paternoster , Guitar
He was born in the city of Buenos Aires and started his guitar studies in 1990 with Maximiliano Gagliardi. In 2002 he moved to Barcelona, Spain, and graduated from the Musical Conservatory of Barcelona with honor as a guitarist. At that moment he was a member of the music school’s guitar orchestra and gave a series of concerts as a soloist.
When he returned to Buenos Aires he entered the Advanced Music Conservatory Manuel de Falla, where he got a Profesor degree specialized in Tango and Folklore. Since 2006 he performs a guitar soloist and with the trio “Facazo”. In 2011 he became member of the Sexteto Viscreal as guitarist and musical arranger.

Martin Wainer, Double Bass
To follow.

Cecilia Barrales , Violoncello
She started her musical education in 1996 at the Conservatorio Provincial de Música Julián Aguirre, and graduated in 2007 as violoncello professor. She studied with Cecilia Carnuccio, and later continued her studies with Nicolás Finolli, Juarez Johnson and María Eugenia Castro Tarquini. She currently works with Myriam Santucci (modern violoncello) and with María Jesús Olóndriz (baroque violoncello) on enlarging and improving her repertoire. In the past she has taken courses and deepened her knowledge in different areas, such as chamber music “El sonido y el tiempo” (2003), Eduardo Vasallo master class (2006), Latin-American Violoncello Festival (2008 and 2010), tango seminar with Pablo Agri (2009 and 2010) and at the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce (2011- 2012).
She was a member of the chamber music orchestras “Musicos del Sur” (2002-2005) and “Nuevo Ensamble Contemporáneo” (2001-2002) that focus on chamber music of the 20th century. Since 2011 she teaches at the Conservatorio Provincial de Música Julián Aguirre and is a staff member of the Orquesta Escuela de San Vicente since 2013. She performed as member of the Symphonic Orchestra of Teatro Roma de Avellaneda (2008/2009), Symphonic Orchestra Ciudad de Buenos Aires (2009), Symphonic Orchestra of Prefectura Naval Argentina (2008/2014) and Orquesta Típica Agustín Guerrero (2011/2013). Today, she is a performing member of the Sexteto Visceral.


Javier Kase, Violin
Born in Buenos Aires, he started his musical studies in the Conservatorio Astor Piazzolla and graduates as Musical Technician in 2008. He has deepened his violin studies with Gustavo Mulé, Olga Szurpik and Daniel Robuschi, and continues his chamber music studies with Andrés Gerszenzon and Marta Luna. He currently continues his studies of higher lectureship in Violin, Piano and Chamber Music. He performed violin and piano concerts in the Salón Dorado de la Casa de la Cultura, Biblioteca Nacional, Auditorio del Conservatorio Manuel de Falla and in the main hall of the Teatro Colón.
He was also member of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango EMBA, conducted by Fernando Taborda and of the Orquesta Típica of Nicolás Guerschberg, with which he traveled to Italy in 2010. In 2009 Javier Kase became violin soloist in the bands Barro y Pampa and Astormentados, the latter devoted to perform the music of Astor Piazzolla. He wins the Hugo del Carril contest for instrumental bands together with Barro y Pampa in 2010. In 2011 Javier tours Italy, Switzerland and France with the Orquesta Típica Imperial. In 2012 he joins the tango company of Los Hermanos Macana and tours Italy with them in 2012 as well as 2013.
In 2013 and 2014 Javier is performing in the tango shows of “Cátulo” and “Café de los Angelitos”. During these years he is also member of the Quintet performing in the Tango Show of the cruise “Neo Romantica”, Costa company. In 2014 Javier Kase becomes violinist at Ojos de Tango and performs with them in Lisbon and Paris. Additionally he becomes violinist at the Chamber Orchestra conducted by Pablo Motta and the Sexteto Visceral.

Hernán Fernández, Voice
He was born in Parque Patricios, one of the typical neighourhoods of Buenos Aires and started singing tango in “El Bar del Chino”, a historical pub from Pompeya. In 2005 he formed a duet with the guitarist Fernando Sánchez and played in different pubs, milongas and theatres of the city of Buenos Aires and the Gran Buenos Aires.
In 2007 he started singing with La Furca Typical Orchestra, with which he performed in concerts in Buenos Aires and toured throughout Argentina. He also performed in tango shows such as “Complejo Tango Show”, “La rueda de Caminito” and “La barrica Tango show”.
During these years he worked with different groups such as “Carancanfunfa”, “Puente Alsina”,

“Cabuleros” and guitarists such as Adrian La Cruz, Mariano Heller, Leandro Niquitoff, Hernán Díz, Pablo Covacecich. Since 2010 he is one of the singers of Quinteto Negro La Boca Quintet and also performs with the pianist Ovidio Velázquez as well as the guitar trio Lacruz-Heler-Nikitoff. In 2011 he became member of the Sexteto Visceral.