Casa Workshop zo 26 Mar 14:00 Tenda presents "Family Constellation"- bij Valeria Vilhena


Sunday 26th March: Join us on this journey!
From 2pm till 6pm.
Prices: participate as a representative is € 20,00.
To work on your personal family system is € 65,00.
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Family Constellation

Sunday the 26th of March from 2:00 pm till 7:00pm at Casa Munganga will happen the first of a series of workshops (therapeutic sessions) of Family Constellations.

Systemic Family Constellation is a brief, deep therapy, created by Bert Hellinger, that allows you to discover the invisible underlying dynamics existing in your family system. This process allows change to happen and results in a happier life, free of entanglements. Brings new possibilities providing solutions.

This first workshop will be in Portuguese, but others will be given in English.

The price to participate as a representative is € 20,00 , to work on your personal family system is € 65,00.

Once we are all connected through a morphogenetic field, everybody will benefit from the process.

Hope to see you at one of our coming encounters.

About Valeria Vilhena

Valeria is an Astrologer and Family Constellation Therapist focused on helping people transcend entanglements and gain self-knowledge.

With over 40 years of experience, Valeria expanded her knowledge by delving into fields such as Psychology, Mythology, Tarot, Kabbalah and many other movements and disciplines making her an all-round Holistic Therapist.