Casa Workshop zo 23 apr 16:00 "Move to recover ourselves"- Harmonic movement and dance bij Clara Píriz


Zo 23 april: Join us on this journey!
The workshop will be in English.



We invite you to experience the Rio Abierto  System, where you can dance, express, and have an encounter with yourself and with the others, enjoying, getting to know yourself and promoting the development of your full creative and vital potential.

Rio Abierto was created in Argentina in 1966 and spread worldwide, we currently have activities in Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Canary Islands, Italy, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland and Israel.

The aim of this workshop is to discover the tools that will help us get in contact with ourselves, in touch with the essence of our being. Working from de body through movement, the voice, breathing, humor, silence and contact with others we open the path to self-discovery and awaken our sensitivity and creativity.

Expressive Movement helps us recovering movements we lost early in our lives, when the formation of our mechanical personality. Integrating emotions, mind and spirit, gives as back the felling that we are more free and plenty, in a more pleasant and light way.

Clara Píriz
Graduated in the training courses Coordinator in Transpersonal and Psycho-corporeal Arts for Harmonic Development by Rio Abierto Uruguay, directed by choreographer Graciela Figueroa. Forty years of study of Dance, Yoga, and Tai Chi,

Magister in gender and society, graduated in social work.Professor at the University of the Republic of Uruguay.