Casa Workshop zo 20 nov 18:00 "Meeting Lilith"- A Journey of Self Discovery bij Valeria Vilhena


Zo 20 november: Join us on this journey!
We will start at 18:00 with an introduction round followed by a welcome soup to warm us up. The workshop costs are 15euro including soup and it will be in English.



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Women’s Empowerment Series Workshop: “Meeting Lilith”- A Journey of Self Discovery.
A new image of the feminine appears today in the collective unconscious as our society starts to acknowledge the many aspects of femininity. The ancient myth of Lilith is now more popular than ever. The rebellious goddess breaks the rules of patriarchy and shows the different faces of the divine feminine.
lilith-the-burney-reliefThis workshop will be a journey through the archetype of Lilith and a discovery of the fascinating black moon. It will be a playful experience that will open new doors for your personal development.

Valeria is an Astrologer and Family Constellation Therapist focused on helping people transcend entanglements and gain self-knowledge. With over 40 years of experience, Valeria expanded her knowledge by delving into fields such as Psychology, Tarot, Paganism, Kabbalah, Wiccan and many other movements and disciplines making her an all-round Holistic Therapist. Lilith, the astrological black moon and myth has been a recurring research and work theme.