Casa Film Special don 24 maart 17:00 Meeting Andrea Tonacci: "Já visto, jamais visto (Seen, ever seen)"


24 March 2016
Start: 17:00 uur – Open: 16:30 uur
In Portuguese with English subtitles
€ 5,00
Today we present 3 Tonacci films. For the three films, you pay € 11,00 (Reservation:

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JÁ VISTO, JAMAIS VISTO (Seen, ever seen), 2013
Directed by Andrea Tonacci
54 minutes
A fiction, a reflection, an inventive editing, a visual dialogue between the author’s memories and feelings through personal and affectionate images filmed and kept for more than 40 years of cinematic activity.
Fragments of personal life never exhibited before, not reviewed nor edited.

Uma ficção afetiva, um percurso de invenção, um diálogo visual entre memórias e sentimentos do autor a partir de imagens de sua familia, amigos, paixões, pinturas e viagens, que filmou e guardou ao longo de mais de 40 anos de atividade cinematográfica, só agora recuperadas. Segmentos de filmes realizados, de vida pessoal, fragmentos de filmes esboçados, nunca revistos nem editados, imagens como seres outros que nos alteram a percepção do presente, ausências interferindo numa vida que lhes é posterior, imprevisível.

Een affectieve fictie, een visuele dialoog tussen herinneringen en gevoelens van de auteur vanuit afbeeldingen van zijn familie, van zijn vrienden, passies, schilderijen en reizen. Beelden die Tonacci in de laatste 40 jaar heeft gefilmd, beelden die pas nu zijn hersteld.
Deze zijn gerealiseerd filmsegmenten, uit zijn persoonlijk leven, schets van nooit eerder herzien of bewerkt filmfragmenten, onvoorspelbare beelden.

TonacciTonacci joined the history of Brazilian cinema, when he launched at the age of 27, in 1971, the cult film Bang Bang at the height of the bloodiest period of the military dictatorship in Brazil. “Aesthetically and politically subversive absolutely in harmony with the debauched and incredible responsiveness of Brazilian cinema of that moment,” said Cleber Eduardo, curator of the exhibition in honor of Tonacci during the Tiradentes Film Festival (BR) in January 2016.
Andrea Tonacci was born in Rome (Italy) in 1944 and emigrated with his family to Brazil when he was 11 years old. He was an important figure of the flow Marginal Cinema, from the late 60s and 70s when he made two short films (Eye for an eye and Bla Bla Bla) and his first feature film Bang Bang, is considered a landmark of the Marginal Cinema. Between 1975 and 2006, Tonacci produced a variety of video material, and usually with and about several Brazilian tribes (Talks in Maranhão, 1977 and Araras, 1980). In 2006, Tonacci made his second feature film: Serras da Desordem (The hills of Disorder). In 2013, his last work: Já visto, visto Jamais (Seen, ever seen) is a visual dialogue between memories of the author on the basis of personal and emotional images.