Casa Film don 10 dec 2015 "Una Giornatta Particolare" – Directed by Ettore Scola


10 December 2015
Start: 20:30 uur
Open: 20:00 uur
107 minutes
In Italian with English subtitles


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(Una giornata particolare)
Directed by Ettore Scola

107 minutes
In Italian with English subtitles

Starring Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren, this movie is almost a chamber piece about emotions. It’s set at the brink of the second world war, when Hitler is visiting Rome. Sofia Loren is a housewife who is the mother of six children, who is left behind when the rest of the family goes to see the military parade for Hitler. She is a firm supporter of Italian’s fascist government headed by Mussolini, and actually she regrets not being able to attend.
The neighborhood houses are all quiet (everyone’s at the celebration downtown) except one man on his terrace. It turns out that he has just been fired from his job as a radio announcer because he is homosexual. This is the the set-up of this moody film,which takes place over the course of a long afternoon – the story of how two opposite people can feel a deep connection at the same time. This movie is simple and stripped down, focusing on the raw interaction of the actors, and certainly isn’t a huge thriller.

Directed by Ettore Scola, a filmmaker whose fine work has pretty much been neglected outside Italy for the last several decades. A film composed of nuances, of astonishing acting, and crafted cinematography…. along with an understated, searing, theme.

This will be a high-definition screening.