Za 04 Nov 20:00 “Let me, Love me, Leave me, Look at me”, Physical Theatre

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04 November 2017
Aanvang 20.00 uur
Deur open 19:30
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At the door: € 10,00

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Let me, Love me, Leave me, Look at me

After the door to the party opens, people come and people go.
Five are left. Do they know each other?
Do they want to know each other?
Inside them hide their histories, outside shows their masks.
Do they tell their stories to connect, to vent, to brag, to persuade or to play?
When people get closer and the circle closes, who steps in first, and who steps out?

Duration 45 minutes
Physical Theatre
Doutzen Koopmans
Gustaaf Wijnker
Luis Durán
Katharina Wroblewski
Nina van Veen

Fernando Oliveira

Artistic Advice
Gustaaf Wijnker