Casa Workshop zo 31 mei 2015 Sexteto Visceral: Fundamental Tango styles (+Concert!)

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Concert kaartje: € 15,00 (Aan de deur: € 18,00)
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zondag 31 mei 2015
Workshop 14:00 uur tot 17:00 uur
Concert 20.00 uur (deur open 19:00)

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Workshop ‘Fundamental styles in Tango’
The workshop explores the typical characteristics of each one of the orchestral and composing styles that have marked the most important trends in the history of Tango.
It will show the richness of the musical language called “Tango“ thus providing a basis for better understanding and may be the inspiration to keep inevestigating and learning.

Who can participate?
The workshops is set up for musicians and arrangers, tango dancers and teachers as well as any person interested in the genre even if they haven’t formal studies of music.
It invites for interaction, asking questions and participating musicians to bring along their instrument so they can join the orchestra‘s practical demonstration playing their instrument.

Content of the workshop
The class will start with a detailed explanation of the instrumental and stylistic characteristics of the different orchestras of the “Golden Age of Tango“ beginning with a theoretical introduction and continuing with a practical demonstration in which some short musical fragments will be played, while explaining the use of the described techniques.
Tracks to be covered:
– “Chiqué”, arrangement by Astor Piazzolla for Aníbal Troilo.
– “El puntazo”, arrangement by Fulvio Salamanca for Juan D’arienzo.
– “Champagne tango”, arrangement by Carlos di Sarli for his own orchestra.
– “A Evaristo Carriego”, arrangement by Eduardo Rovira for Pugliese.
– “Mal de amores”, arrangement by Horacio Salgán for Quinteto Real.
– “Adiós Nonino”, arrangement by Astor Piazzolla for quintet.
Copies of theses tracks will be given to the attendants.


3 hours with a break of 15 minutes

Sexteto Visceral with Champagne Tango
Sexteto Visceral is a young orchestra, that currently gets enthusiastic reviews from the critics and milongas in Buenos Aires for its brand new album “Champagne Tango“. This album is a homage to Aníbal Troilo and the great orchestras of the 40s. The musicians wrote the arrangements in their own and distinct musical language but always in the specific style of one of these great orchestras.
Sexteto Visceral was founded at the beginning of 2011. Initially without a vocalist, the orchestra was promptly approached by the singer Hernán Fernández after its first live appearances. The musicians welcomed the idea of a collaboration because tango when sung delivers much more immediacy to the listener and Hernán Fernández is known for his artistic work and insightful interpretations.
The repertoire includes: tango for dance or concerts, argentine folklore as chacarera and zamba and their own compositions.
With countless shows in the Milongas and Theatres of Buenos Aires, two performances at the Gran Milonga Nacional and numerous shows throughout all of Argentina the musicians have

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