Zo 11 maart 16:00 – Klassieke op zondag middag "Musical Narratives”, by Ricardo Alves Pereira


11 maart 2018
Aanvang 16:00
Deur open 15.30
Entree: € 10,00
CJP: € 8,00

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“Musical Narratives”
Solo Classical Guitar Music with Narrated Stories
by Ricardo Alves Pereira

Musical Narratives, for classical guitar
Ricardo Alves Pereira selects a unique order of pieces from various composers for classical guitar and creates a
parallel story, that is presented together with the repertoire. In this way, besides the individual narrative of each
composition, it’s own sequence also generates a global narrative. From imaginary portraits of composers to
narrations of Greek myths, each musical narrative describes a different story. This type of performance brings an
open space for self-reflection and continuous imagination through the guitar’s intimate sonority. This concert
counts with composition by Tarrega, Barrios, Takemistu, Narvaez and Mudarra. The concept of musical narratives
for classical guitar was created by Ricardo in his master artistic research.

Ricardo Alves Pereira, classical guitarist
Ricardo is an active performer and has received various prizes in international guitar competitions. He travelled
through Europe to receive his education from some of the most renowned classical guitar players. He began his
guitar studies in Portugal. He then completed his bachelor degree in Spain, and he studied in two Erasmus
exchange programmes, in France and in Turkey, receiving both performing and pedagogic experience. Recently
he graduated from his master degree in The Royal Conservatory in the Hague, studying under the advice of the
internationally acclaimed guitarist Zoran Dukic.

“Musical Narratives”
Solo Classical Guitar Music with Narrated Stories

The Fantastic Journey of Mr. Tarrega
F. Tárrega (1852-1909): Prelude n.5
Sueño, Mazurka
Danza Mora
Endecha and Oremus
Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Sonorous Story, prologue
T. Takemistu (1954-1996): All in Twilight. I
All in Twilight II. Dark
All in Twilight III.
All in Twilight IV. Slightly Fast
—- Pause —-
Your Heart’s Desire
A. Barrios (1885-1944): Ultimo Tremolo
El sueño de la muñequita
Las Abejas
Preludio en Do menor
Preludio Saudade – La Catedral
Andante Religioso – La Catredal
Allegro Solemne – La Catedral
The Myth of Arion
Luis de Narváez (1490-1574): Cancion del Imperador
Alonso Mudarra (1510-1580): Pavana de Alexandre
Luis de Narváez (1490-1574): Guardame las vacas
Alonso Mudarra (1510-1580): Fantasia X