Casa Performance zo 19 jul 2015 "A various asundry of itemized gifts"

Zondag 19 juli
Doors open at 11:30
Perfomance from 12pm till 6pm
Free entrance!

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A various asundry of itemized gifts, performance by Sabrina Chou, Pepe Dayaw, Joseph Imhauser, Joanna Piperi, Antje Rieck and Niko Solorio.

A breathing space
Six (or more) artists meet in a space, and open it as a living room – a room for the living. Teatro Munganga becomes a node for the converging of a temporary and collective breathspace. They ‘present’ as gifts a concoction from their own folkloric suitcases as dance, food, storytelling, aroma, conversation, jokes, encounters and levitation, begin to form and shift awareness as an ensemble.

A miracle is also a song
Think of a straight line. Now think of that line wavering into frequency. Picture a spike within that frequency so explosive, so elusive, that it attains continuous difference. Ignore the wobbling wheel on your cart and follow this surge as it produces a pattern of growth that defies definition – a miracle that is also a song – burrowing room for current inside crystal.

About the artists
Antje Rieck
Born in Ulm, Germany, living in Torino, Antje Rieck’s work examines ideas of transformation, transcendance and metamorphosis, positioning the human body as a porous receptacle in dialogue with its environment. More recently, her practice has expanded into the investigation of the structure with and around space formed by the biography of the social fabric. In her sculptural and site specific installations, she uses organic materials such as marble, wood and stone as well as other mediums including photography, video, digital animation, performance. Rieck’s process of investigation is informed by different layers of perception which she refers to as ‘experimental fields’ or ‘playing fields’ that create a visible geographical reference to the imaginary of the infinite. In her latest investigations, she explores crystalline growth and its unique properties that are unlike other growing structures found in the physical universe.
Rieck has won several awards and recognitions, including the Cesare Pavese prize for sculpture (1997) and The Targetti Art Collection award. Exhibitions include “Illuminations d’eau” (directed and choreographed by Robert Castle, with a creative reconstruction of fragments of the (now lost) original score by Willy Merz) at the Fondazione Mario Merz, Turin (2008) ; “The solitary body”, Riccardo Costantini Gallery, Turin (2013); “Glasstress 2011”, 54th Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte, Venice Bienale, on display at the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti and the Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art and Glass on Murano. Public commissions include “The mark of the Chemist: A Dialogue with Primo Levi”, commissioned by the Fondazione Primo Levi in collaboration with the Theater Teatro Stabile, Turin (2010) and the installation “Memory to the Martyrs of the Fosse Ardeatine”, Rome (2006).

Joseph Imhauser
“My work highlights the structure of choice as a medium to procure objects in material form. Through this process my practice embodies art objects, communal events, film, invention and pedagogy. Through employing ‘openness’ as a primary formatting structure, choosing becomes interchangeable with the act of signification. Psychical adhesions and affect manage to slip away from reality and by complicating the defined, cracks form in-between content and the exposing the bifurcations of time”. (Lives in New York)

Pepe Dayaw
Pepe-bangladeshPepe Dayaw, from the Philippines, lives between Madrid and Berlin, is a cooking artist. In his work lies a blend of folklores, precarious technologies and funky improvisations meant to choreograph living designs and sociality. Formally educated in the University of the Philippines, University of Amsterdam, University of Warwick, the National Museum of Reina Sofia Madrid and the Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry. He is a performer trained in several dance disciplines such as pangalay and butoh, a self-taught chef, polyglot and masseur; and a professional karaoke singer. Born in Manila and grew up everywhere, he feels like a leftover himself of past lives that get renewed each time he performs. He started cooking out of nostalgia for island tropical memories and has since been utilising this practice as a research tool for rehearsing emergent democracies through his independent production platform Nowhere Kitchen.

Niko Solorio
Niko Solorio is a multi-media artist and experimental musician originally from Los Angeles who often performs under the moniker of POCKET NIKO and + TAX. His musical stylings have been described as “Neo-Medieval-Minimalist-Electro-Pop” as well as “Global-Electro-SuperCorn-with 90’s Fetish”. In addition to his solo work he recently formed the band ETIQUETTE FOR GENTLEMEN with Hamburg, Germany based graphic designer/musician Michi Schmid (A.K.A. General Hell). They released their debut album last fall via Bandcamp.
Niko Solorio received a BFA from the California Institute of the Arts (2007) and has had residencies at both the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland (2005) and as a guest student of video artist Bjorn Melhus at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany (2008). He is currently completing his MFA at Transart Institute, which is a low residency program based in Berlin and New York. Solorio has performed and exhibited his work both in the U.S. and abroad including shows at the Grand Hotel Londres, Istanbul; Transvizualia, Gdynia; Bohemian Grove, New York; Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover; Redcat, Los Angeles; X-Initiative, New York; Fanfulla 101, Rome; Mudam Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Secret Project Robot; New York; Cercle Blanc, Berlin; and MoMA PS1, New York. Solorio has been in the recording studio working on his forthcoming album that is set to be released this summer through his own label, Sissy Magic Records. At the moment he is based and works out of a suitcase.

Sabrina Chou
militarization_1024-sabrinachou“I have each been building up a vocabulary, or grammar of sorts, through activities, dialog, performances, and objects. Through a desire to make – or materialize – immaterial things I confront and enact temporality. In audio works, transitory performances, and slight interventions, I create pauses in the existing environment to make the mundane perceptible. My explorations of the material world circulate around the translation between ways of experiencing and ways of expressing. The notion of costuming is applied as a method for producing clothing, furnishings, installations, and structures that clothe their particular contexts and content. I investigate transformations and the properties of transference between objects, or qualities, or animate beings, or humans, or inanimate things. Such investigations materialize in tensions between form and content, allowing for the overlapping of meanings, associations, and perspectives”.

Joanna Piperi
Joana Piperi is a Neurocognitive Psychologist living and working in Berlin. Her studies at Bologna University and Freie Univerität Berlin were on the cluster of “language of emotion”. Her main research interests include music and emotion, music and personality, musical therapy, and similarities and differences of music and language processing. Her recent work and research are focused on brain correlates of emotion, laughing, consciousness, and on therapeutic effects of laughter on chronic diseases. As she believes that laughter is the lubricant for creativity and a coping mechanism for stress and problems, she uses it as an instrument to explore the development of “belonging and social cohesion”.