Teatro Munganga is a theatre group that was founded in 1987 by Cris de Castro, Marcia Normande, Cláudia Maoli and Carlos Lagoeiro. Maoli and Lagoeiro have been the artistic directors since 1997. In June of 2013, we have launched a traveling theatre bus named Busganga. In 2014 the doors of Casa Munganga were opened, a small theatre hall in the southern part of Amsterdam.






Teatro Munganga’s mission:

  • To stimulate and develop creative manifestations that let us reflect on the world in which we live in.
  • To create a platform for dialog and the exchange of ideas
  • To facilitate an international network of art and artistic productions

In addition to presenting our own performances (performances and social projects), the theater group offers a stage for theatre, music, lectures, films, dance, workshops and courses by other artists in the Casa Munganga theater. The activities are intended for all ages. A place were art, culture, education and entertainment together here.





From Brazil originating theater group

From Brazil originating theater group Munganga (pronounced: moen-gang-gaa) is a Brazilian word, derived from Mganga, a tribe in Africa. The priests of this tribe make great and exuberant gestures during their rituals. Their way of communicating consists of expressive faces, grimaces and dancing.
Since its founding in 1987, Teatro Munganga has given the visual language a major role in its performances. By mixing and combining theatre with music, dance and puppetry, the theater group wants to show the poetry of life. The miracle of the everyday. Theatre group Munganga deals with universal themes, in which different cultures and their contrasts form the most important guideline in the projects.
“During our 30-year existence we have create performances with a critical view of society and as artists we are aware of our influence in the world. Our involvement with people regardless of their social class or origin extends beyond the theatre stage. In addition to performing in theaters, we also develop projects for schools, retirement homes, asylum seekers’ centers, psychiatric institutions and other non-conventional stages. In June 2013, we launched ‘Busganga’ (the theater on wheels) and in June 2014 we opened the doors of CASA Munganga; a charming and cozy theatre in the southern part of Amsterdam. Besides presenting the theatre’s own performances, we share a stage with other artists, activists and dreamers. A new phase.”

The theatre group has already made numerous performances. Currently, Teatro Munganga performs with the performance ‘Piet and the brother of the Moon’ in the Busganga. For more information see Bus/Program Busganga.





Our painted bus is decorated like a real theatre: with a stage, a grandstand, light, sound, room for 30 spectators and even a red theater curtain. In this special touring theater, Teatro Munganga presents performances for various target groups.

The performance ‘Piet and the brother of the moon’ (3+) will be performed in 2015/2016 in the Busganga.

A visual youth theatre performance with dolls, music and an actor, but without words. The story is about Piet the clown and his goal to let people enjoy. One night the weather changes and suddenly something falls into Piet’s suitcase. This sudden event makes him decide to go on a trip. He and his suitcase go together to find the land that will bring them closer to the moon; a country that is not on the map. Piet does not know the way, luckily the fish, birds and many other animals help him find the way.

Follow this LINK for a promo video from ‘Piet and the brother of the Moon’ in the Busganga.

Bookings Busganga in the Netherlands or Belgium?

In The Netherlands call or mail to:
+ 31 (0) 20-6759837
+ 31 63484340118

In Belgium call or mail to:
XL & Lapinne
+32 (0) 9 2811005


A theatre hall and workspace

Casa Munganga is the theater hall of Munganga: a multidisciplinary forum for artists and art lovers. With special projects for – and with – the residents of Amsterdam and surroundings. This monumental building – the former horse tram depot on the Schinkelhavenstraat – has recently been thoroughly renovated and with a capacity for 65 people, now offers space for all sorts of activities: concerts, theatre performances, lectures and much more. For more information please see Hall/Program in the Munganga Casa.

Space available / available flexible workspaces

Casa Munganga is also suitable for workshops, courses and parties. In addition, the office also has a number of desks that can be used as flex workstations. Are you looking for a dynamic and inspiring environment for your project, workshop or party? Please contact us by e-mail at or call: 020 – 6759837.


Contact us at:

Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs
1075 VP Amsterdam
Phone number: 020 – 6759837 / 06 – 34840118